Team struggle, innovation, integrity and responsibility, building harmony

Career concept - The board of directors and the management team lead all the staff to work hard, practice the company's development strategy, gather all the wisdom and strength of the staff, and build "Nona Chemical" into a strong competitive enterprise in the national custom chemical industry.

Development concept——Insist on the scientific development concept as the guide, develop and innovate as the driving force, break through the limitations of traditional thinking mode, development mode and product structure, promote technological innovation, product innovation, business model innovation and management innovation, strengthen the main business and capital The combination of operations, based in Zhejiang, facing the country, expanding overseas, and strive to achieve the company's sustainable development goals.

Professional ethics - carry forward the sincerity and trustworthiness of character, take the health and safety of chemical products as the first responsibility, dare to be responsible, practice commitment, create value for customers with excellent quality and excellent service, and create opportunities for stakeholders.

Collective view——People-oriented, respecting talents, treating employees well, achieving employees, actively fulfilling corporate social responsibility and building harmonious enterprises and harmonious society with the development achievements and sincere wishes of the company.

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