Innovation is the source of enterprise development, and technological innovation is the source of life for enterprises. Over the years, the company has always been technology-oriented, constantly innovating and constantly developing.

The company has an independent provincial high-tech research and development center, a high-quality research and development team and a sound management mechanism;

Long-term employment of domestic and foreign experts and professors to participate in technical guidance and research and development; at the same time, the company and the various scientific research institutions to establish long-term extensive cooperation between industry, university and research to ensure continuous innovation of products.

In recent years, the company's R&D center has independently developed more than 20 independent research and development projects, and has obtained more than 10 scientific research results, including one national key new product plan project and one national torch plan project, and provincial key scientific research projects and provinces. 1 new product trial plan project; 3 major city support projects and 6 city science and technology plan projects;

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