Chemical registration engineer

Job description and qualifications:

FDA registered, veterinary drug raw material product customer registration, familiar with veterinary drug GMP, ISO9000 quality system.


1. It can independently complete the product customer registration work, be responsible for the operation of the veterinary drug GMP system, accept the customer audit, and be responsible for the whole process.

2. Responsible for managing registered products and related system documents.

3. Provide relevant laws, documents and information support to marketing and other departments.

4. Have good communication skills and teamwork spirit.

5. College or above related majors, English 4, more than 3 years relevant work experience, local people are preferred.

R&D assistant

Job Responsibilities:

1. Assist in the completion of organic synthesis experiments;

2. Complete the experimental record, the experimental report;

3. Learn literature retrieval methods and read English literature basically;

4. Assist in the processing of laboratories and other related daily affairs. Qualifications:


1. Majors in organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, etc.;

2. Have strong English reading and writing ability and good computer operation level, master the use of common chemical drawing software;

3. Have a good sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit.

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