“Energy saving and consumption reduction” is the social responsibility of modern enterprises.

In addition to technological innovation, Nona Chemical is also striving for “energy saving and environmental protection”. The introduction of advanced equipment and scientific management experience and management system will reflect energy conservation and consumption reduction in every aspect of production and operation.

Contribute to the power of the enterprise for the circular economy and the green economy.

Clean production implementation

1. Clean production system and effectiveness

The company adopts practical and effective measures in all aspects of the production process and energy flow, continuously improves the technology, saves energy, reduces resource waste under the conditions of ensuring normal production, and achieves the maximum with minimum resources and energy input. Product revenue. At the same time, the backward production equipment will be upgraded and the backward production process will be technically transformed, and the energy consumption will be low and the displacement will be small in the production process. After several rounds of continuous clean production management, significant energy saving and emission reduction results have been achieved.

1.1 Establishment and operation of the environmental risk management system

In order to timely and effectively dispose of sudden environmental and ecological damage events (hereinafter referred to as “burst environmental incidents”) occurring in the company's area, standardize emergency response work for various types of sudden environmental incidents, and identify potential accidents or emergency situations. Emergency measures to respond in a timely manner to prevent or reduce possible environmental impacts, injuries or losses, the company has formulated the Emergency Response Plan for Environmental Emergencies and conducted emergency response drills. The company set up a leading group for emergency response to environmental emergencies with the general manager as the leader. The leading group has an office, which forms a complete information network with the members and the site leaders:

2. Exchange of environmental information with stakeholders

3. Staff training and education

3.1 External training and content related to environmental protection

3.2 Environmental education for internal employees

The company is committed to environmental protection education for employees and raises awareness of overall environmental protection. The company regularly holds environmental protection knowledge training classes, clean production training classes, conducts environmental protection knowledge contests, sets up environmental protection publicity windows in the company's publicity column, and timely reports on the latest environmental protection situation and environmental protection policies in the company's OA and WeChat.

4. Social welfare activities

Not forgetting to repay the society, it is the company's consistent pursuit to assume social responsibility. Since its inception, the company has voluntarily assumed responsibility for economic, environmental and social aspects, and has been recognized by governments at all levels.

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