All employees are environmentally friendly, energy-saving and consumption-reducing, and Ankang is the mainstay. Prevention is the first, compliance is law-abiding, and continuous improvement.

All employees are environmentally friendly:

Educate and motivate employees to work with environmentally responsible attitudes and methods, and gradually improve the environmental awareness of all employees.

Energy saving:

It will save energy, control pollutant emissions, continuously improve the environment throughout the entire process of office, production and service, and strive to achieve full use of resources and minimize consumption.

Ankang mainly:

Taking the health and safety of employees as the purpose, to prevent personal injury and health damage, to care for life and to pay attention to safety.

Prevention is first:

In the process of office, production and service, we must adhere to prevention priority to control security risks.

Compliance with laws and regulations:

Every employee is required to strictly abide by national and local laws and regulations on occupational health and safety in order to achieve control, reduce and eliminate safety risks.

keep improve:

Through the implementation of various occupational health and safety management tasks, we will continue to improve and continuously improve the management system to achieve performance and reduce or eliminate security risks.

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