Nona Chemical firmly believes that enterprises must not only create economic value, but also create social and environmental values. Nona has the obligation and responsibility to earnestly implement various social responsibility policies. The company takes the "China SME Social Responsibility Guide" as the guideline, formulates the "Social Responsibility Management System", comprehensively implements the corporate social responsibility management system, and solemnly promises to all sectors of society:

Responsibility to the State: Nona is responsible for safe production, providing and promoting employment, and ensuring the foundation of the people's livelihood and the harmony of the state.

Responsibility to society: Nona improves resource utilization, promotes green manufacturing, smart manufacturing and bio-manufacturing, implements supply-side reforms, and advocates a regulated, sustainable industrial order and social value.

Responsibility to the environment: Nona protects the environment, reduces adverse impacts on the environment in all aspects of R&D, production and sales, and realizes the upgrading and green development of the company.

Responsibility to employees: Nona guarantees the rights, equal opportunities and dignity of each employee, achieves decent work for employees, manages the family with affection, and pays attention to the growth and development of employees.

Responsibility to consumers: Nona is committed to providing quality, affordable and safe products, improving the health of consumers, and providing consumers with good pre-sales, sales and after-sales services.

Responsibilities to shareholders: earnestly perform all the powers conferred by shareholders, create wealth for the company, and create revenue for the shareholders.

Responsibility to partners: work together to achieve a win-win situation.

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